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February 2020

Prof. Wei-Xin Ren, Shenzhen University

  • Presentation title: Operational modal parameter identification of bridges from power spectrum density transmissibility (PSDT)
Weixin Ren

February 2020

Prof. Chunwei Zhang, Qingdao University of Technology

  • Presentation title: We have seen these mistakes in research relevant to structural dynamics and control
Chunwei Zhang

February 2020

Prof. Yan Xiao, Zhejiang University – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Joint Institute (ZJUI)

  • Presentation title: Activities at Center for Research On Sustainable Systems (CROSS), Zhejiang University – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Joint Institute (ZJUI)
Yan Xiao

February 2019

Prof. Xiaozhen Li, Southwest Jiaotong University

  • Presentation title: Tower shielding effect on aerodynamic parameters and running safety of moving train
Prof. Xiaozhen Li

July 2019

Prof. Kaoshan Dai, Sichuan University

  • Presentation title: Wind turbine tower-structural health monitoring and vibration control
Prof. Kaoshan Dai

August 2019

Prof. Qiusheng Li, City University of Hong Kong

  • Presentation title: Monitoring and wind fields and wind effects on skyscrapers during super typhoon Mangkhut
Prof. Qiusheng Li

October 2018

Dr Jonathan Barnett, Basic Expert Pty Ltd, Australia

  • Presentation title: 9/11 Revisited: An engineer’s tales of the investigation
Dr Jonathan Barnett

December 2018

Prof. YB Yang, Chongqing University

  • Presentation title: State-of-the-art technology of vehicle scanning method for bridges
Prof. YB Yang

August 2018

Dr Govinda Pandey, Rockfield Technologies Australia

  • Presentation title: Living with aged infrastructure: Role of SHM Techniques
Dr Govinda Pandey

June 2018

Prof. Alex Remennikov, University of Wollongong

  • Presentation title: Australian national facility for physical blast simulation – development, performance and future applications
Prof. Alex Remennikov

February 2018

Associate Prof. Zhaoye Qin, Tsinghua University

  • Presentation title: Dynamic analysis of typical joint structures in aerospace engineering

December 2017

Prof. Yiqiang Xiang, Zhejiang University

  • Presentation title: Healthy monitoring system design and assessment of bridge structures

Prof. Suduo Xue, Beijing University of Technology

  • Presentation title: Annular crossed cable-truss structure – numerical and experimental verification

December 2017

A/Prof. Steeve Chung Kim Yuen, University of Cape Town

  • Presentation title: Blast impact research at BISRU
Chung Kim Yuen

August 2017

Prof. Caijun Shi, Hunan University

  • Presentation title: Research and applications of Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC)
Caijun Shi

Feburary 2017

Prof. Yan Xiao, Nanjing Tech University

  • Presentation title: Research activities in the college of civil engineering, Nanjing Tech University

February 2017

Prof. Ekaterina Pavlovskaia, University of Aberdeen

  • Presentation title: RModelling of vortex induced vibrations
Prof. Ekaterina Pavlovskaia

May 2016

Prof. Sritawat Kitipornchai, University of Queensland

  • Presentation title: Innovative 3D bracing system for transmission tower structures
Prof. Sritawat Kitipornchai

December 2015

Dr Ying Wang, Deakin University

  • Presentation title: Structural damage identification algorithm using dictionary learning technologies
Dr Ying Wang

September 2015

Prof. Wenhui Duan, Monash University

  • Presentation title: Sustainable and resilient infrastructure materials new perspective from emerging nanomaterials
Prof. Wenhui Duan

October 2015

Prof. Tongxi Yu, Hongkong University of Science and Technology

  • Presentation title: Collision and rebounding of moving structural components on solid target
Prof. Tongxi Yu

June 2015

Prof. CM Wang, National University of Singapore

  • Presentation title: Very large floating structures-applications and research

September 2015

Prof. Tuan Ngo, Melbourne University

  • Presentation title: Challenges and innovations in designing for resilient and sustainable buildings
Prof. Tuan Ngo