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Since 2014

ACG including ARC/CSIRO

  • Prof. Hong Hao, Dr. Faiz Shaikh, “Development of Ambient Cured High Performance Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Composite”, ARC Discovery Projects, 2016-2019.
  • Dr Jun Li is one of chief investigators on an ARC Linkage project, “Bridge performance assessment through advanced sensing and modelling”, 2016-2019.
  • Dr. Wensu Chen, “Development of Sandwich Structures to Mitigate Blast and Impact Loading”, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2016-2018.
  • Prof Hong Hao, “Development of Precast Concrete Segmental Columns to Resist Earthquake and Blast Loading”, ARC Discovery Projects, 2015-2018.
  • Dr Kaiming Bi, “Using sandwich pipe for pipeline vibration control”, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2015-2017.
  • Dr. Wensu Chen, Prof. Hong Hao, Dr. Jianzhong Liu, Dr. Li Chen, Prof. Qin Fang, Dr. Hao Wu, “Study of Blast Resistance Capacity of Basalt Fiber Strengthened Structures”, ARC Linkage Project, 2015-2018.
  • Prof. Hong Hao is a partner on an ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for “Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing” with University of Melbourne, 2015.
  • Ngo, Dr Tuan; Hao, Prof Hong; Torero Cullen, Prof Jose L; Mendis, Prof Priyan; Sanjayan, Prof Jay G; Ronagh, Dr Hamid R; Visser, Mr David, ARC Linkage Projects, 2014-2017.
  • Dr Jun Li, “Development of a Self-powered Wireless Sensor Network from Renewable Energy for Integrated Structural Health Monitoring and Diagnosis”, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2014-2016.
  • Prof. Hong Hao, Mr. Madhat Abdel-Jawad, “Development of Fuel Storage Tank with Frangible Roof to Resist Accidental Explosion Load”, ARC Linkage Project, 2013-2015.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Dr Ying Wang, “Development of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete SFRC Material with Spiral-Shaped Fibres”, ARC Discovery Projects, 2013-2015. $315,000
  • Prof. Hong Hao, “Climate Adaptation Technology & Engineering for Extreme Events”, University of Newcastle ex CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund Clusters, 2013-2016.

Industrial engagement

  • Prof. Hong Hao, Dr. Yifei Hao, “Upgrading Design for Underground Magazine at Campbell Barrack, Swanboune”, Defence Support Group, Department of Defence, 2015-2016.
  • Impact resistance testing of fabric material for air-supported structures in cyclonic regions (AECOM consulting) 2014.
  • Windborne debris impact test on masonry wall system in cyclonic regions (City of Karratha, PinDan consulting), 2015.

Other sources

  • Prof. Hong Hao and Dr Jun Li are partners on a National Research Foundation of Korea project, “A new approach to asset management for offshore floating systems”, 2015-2016.

Before 2014

  • AProf. Faris Albermani, Prof. Hong Hao, Dr Kaiming Bi, “Deep subsea pipelines”, UWA UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award ex University of Queensland, 2012.
  • Dr Jun Li, Prof Hong Hao, “Energy sustainable wireless sensor network for composite bridge health monitoring”, UWA Research Collaboration Awards, 2012.
  • Dr Guowei Ma, Prof Hong Hao, Dr Wie-Min Gho, 2011, “Vulnerability mapping of hazards and economic loss assessment of offshore oil and gas platforms subject to accidental explosion and fires”, ARC Linkage Projects.
  • Prof Hong Hao 2011, “Supporting Infrastructure Management by Combining Sensors and Asset Information Models – Project No. 3104”, CRC For Integrated Engineering Asset Management.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Dr Tianli Huang, Prof Wei-Xin Ren 2010, “Numerical and Experimental Study of Pounding Damage of adjacent Bridge Structures to Spatially Varying Earthquake Ground Motions”, China Changsha Xinyuan Civil Engineering Consultant Pte Ltd.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Dr Guowei Ma 2010, “Development of Design & Analysis Methods for Blast-Resistant Window Structures”, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Dr Guowei Ma 2010, ‘Development of Design & Analysis Methods for Blast-Resistant Window Structures’, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Prof Hong Hao 2009, “Experimental and Numerical Study of Dynamic Properties of Concrete and Fibre Reinforced Concrete Materials”, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Prof Barry Lehane, Mr Jonathan Liang, Dr C Sinadinovski 2007, “Yibel Seismic Analysis Project”, WorleyParsons Limited.
  • Winthrop Prof Andrew Deeks, Prof Hong Hao 2007, “DP0881582 – Rapid Structural Condition Assessment Using Adaptive Model Updating”, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Associate Prof Mark Stewart, Dr Xinqun Zhu, Winthrop Prof Andrew Deeks, Dr Wenge Liu, Prof Liang Cheng, Dr Yuri Totoev, Prof Rob Melchers, Prof David Thambiratnam, Dr Mahen Mahendran, Mr Andrew Tan 2006, “CRC for Integrated Engineering Asset Management – Integrated Health Monitoring System for Civil Infrastructure in Operational Environments”, CRC For Integrated Engineering Asset Management.
  • Prof Hong Hao 2006, “DP0774061 – Blast Damage and Fragmentation Prediction for Occupants and Structure Protection”, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Prof Mark Cassidy, Prof Hong Hao 2006, “Wealth from Oceans – Subsea Pipelines for Reliable & Environmentally Safe Development of Ocean Hydrocarbon Resources – Pipeline Reliability”, CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund Clusters.
  • Prof Hong Hao 2004, “Load Testing of Bridge 3014”, Bruechele Gilchrist & Evans Pty Ltd.
  • Prof Hong Hao 2003, “Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Response and Damage of Frame Structures to Explosive Loads”, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Winthrop Prof Andrew Deeks, Prof Hong Hao 2003, “Numerical Prediction of Train and Vehicle Induced Ground Vibrations and their Effects on Structures”, ARC Discovery Projects.
  • Prof Hong Hao, Winthrop Prof Andrew Deeks, Mr Robert Scanlon, Ms E Smith, Mr Adam Lim 2003, “Probabilistic Bridge Structure Condition Assessment and Load Carrying Capacity Prediction”, ARC Linkage Projects.