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PhD Students

  1. Mr Zhejian Li (PhD student): Development of Sandwich Structures against Blast and Impact Loading.
  2. Mr Cheng Yuan (PhD student): Static and Dynamic Bonding Behaviour of FRP and Reinforced concrete interface.
  3. Mr Andrew Lacey (PhD student): Structural Response of Modular Buildings to Multiple Hazards.
  4. Mr Huawei Li (PhD student): Structural Performance of Precast Concrete Joints Subjected to Impact and Blast Loads.
  5. Mr Cheng Xu (PhD student): Development of Novel Metaconcrete to Resist Impulsive Loads.
  6. Mr Chao Li (PhD student): Experimental and numerical studies on the seismic responses of segmental columns
  7. Mr Haoran Zuo (PhD student): Dynamic behaviours and vibration control of offshore wind turbines
  8. Mr Hamid Martin Nikoo (PhD student): Vortex-induced-vibration control of subsea pipelines
  9. Mr Ruisheng Ma (PhD student): Offshore platform vibration control using inerter-based device
  10. Mr Xingyu Fan (PhD student): Electromechanical Impedance-based Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring
  11. Mr Yanqiang Cui (PhD student): Vibration serviceability and impact resistance of composite lightweight panel
  12. Mr Gao Fan (PhD student): Structural health monitoring of a real building considering environmental effect and uncertainties
  13. Mr Mir Abdul Kuddus (PhD student): Target-free Vision Based Structural Vibration Measurement and Damage Detection
  14. Mr Yu Xin (PhD student): Structural identification Under Operational Conditions Considering Uncertainties
  15. Mr Zhenghao Ding (PhD student): Clustering and swarm intelligence methods for structural identification
  16. Mr Chencho (PhD student): Deep Learning-Based Structural Condition Monitoring using Vision-based Vibrational Measurements
  17. Ms Han Li (PhD student): Vibration characteristics analysis and condition monitoring of pre-stressed segmental bridges
  18. Mr Bugra Bayik (Joint Curtin-Aberdeen PhD student): Vibration based structural health monitoring in top tensioned risers
  19. Mr Yue Zhong (PhD student): Deep Learning Methods and Applications for Structural Health Monitoring
  20. Mr Zhen Peng (PhD student): Structural damage detection using nonlinear chaotic and phase space techniques
  21. Mr Tin Do (PhD student): Dynamic response of column bridges under vehicle collision
  22. Mr Tan Le (PhD student): Structural behaviour of precast segmental prestressed concrete girder bridges (PSBs) using FRP composites
  23. Mr Tung Tran (PhD student): Structural Analysis of Fiber Reinforced-geopolymer Concrete Beams
  24. Ms Ning Yang (PhD candidate): Applications of New Kalman Filter Method in Time-varying and Nonlinear Structures
  25. Ms Yijun Chen (PhD student): Mitigation of prefabricated structure damages during transportation
  26. Mr Feng Shi (PhD student): Development of hybrid fibre reinforced concrete to resist static and dynamic loading
  27. Mr Musaad Khan (PhD student): Development of ambient cured high-performance fibre reinforced geopolymer composite
  28. Mr Salman Mashhadifarahani (PhD, Currently on leave): Offshore floating structural health monitoring
  29. Mr Tuan Ngo (PhD student):  Non-corrosive Precast Beam-Column Joints with Fiber Reinforced Polymer.
  30. Mr Zhixing Li (Master by thesis): Quasi-static and Dynamic Properties of Lightweight Geopolymer Composites.
  31. Ms Yu-Wen Chiu (Master by thesis): Dynamic material properties of brittle materials under high strain rates
  32. Ms Tingwei Shi (PhD candidate): Optimization of interlocking system through numerical modelling
  33. Mr Chong Chen (PhD candidate): Dynamic Constitutive Modelling of Geopolymer Concrete with Fibre Reinforcement
  34. Mr Nhi Vo (PhD candidate): Development of an Innovative Metastructure Sandwich Core for Structure Protection against Blast and Impact Loads
  35. Mr Emad Pournasiri (PhD candidate): Structural Behaviour of UHPFRC Slabs Cast on FRP Stay-in-Place Formwork under Static and Dynamic Loading