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Visiting scholars

  1. Mr Jiefu Liu (Visiting PhD student from Central South University, China): Development of sandwich structure.
  2. Prof Chengbing Li (Visiting scholar from Southwest Petroleum University): Mitigation and protection of infrastructure from oil and gas explosion.
  3. Mr Jie Zhang (Visiting PhD student from Taiyuan University of Technology, China): Meso-scale study on penetration of reinforced concrete.
  4. Mr Zhijie Huang (Visiting PhD student from Zhejiang University, China): Prefabricated structures made of geopolymer against impulsive loads.
  5. Dr Shan Jiang (Visiting scholar from Qingdao University of Technology): Seismic induced pounding responses between adjacent buildings
  6. Dr Zhenhua Zhang (Visiting scholar from Henan Polytechnic University): Structure seismic control using SMA-friction damper with deformation amplification function
  7. Dr Dan Xiao (Visiting scholar from Changsha University of Technology): Multiaxial Fatigue Perception Technology and Fatigue Damage Monitoring in Steel Bridges
  8. Dr Zhijun Zhang (Visiting Scholar): Vibration noise analysis of bridges under high-speed trains
  9. Mr Yuanzheng Lin (Visiting student from Southeast University): Seismic behaviours of steel-concrete composite continuous rigid-frame bridge
  10. Mr Zigang Xu (Visiting student from Beijing University of Technology): Seismic responses of shallow buried rectangular underground structure
  11. Mr Yizhou Lin (Visiting PhD student from Jinan University, China): Artificial intelligence methods for structural health monitoring
  12. Mr Minghong Li (visiting PhD student from South East University, China): Blast resistant performance of concrete-filled double skin steel column.
  13. Ms Mei Li (Visiting PhD student from Tianjin University, China): Dynamic material properties of concrete materials
  14. Mr Hexin Jin (Visiting scholar from Tianjin University): Dynamic property of metamaterial
  15. Mr Chau Minh Hoang (Visiting student from National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA), France ): Numerical investigation on Segmental Concrete Bridges.
  16. Mr Wenzhi Zheng (Visiting PhD student from Southeast University, China): Parametric study of SMA-based FP system for response control of bridges under near-fault ground motions
  17. Dr Wei Baokui Chen (Visiting scholar from Nanchang University, China):
  18. Mr Wei Xian (Visiting PhD student from Lanzhou University of Technology, China): Investigation on dynamic responses of new types of concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) members under lateral impact