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National and international collaboration

Research centre

  • Tianjin University-Curtin University Joint Research Center of Structural Monitoring and Protection has been established to promote the joint research and international collaboration in the field of structural hazard protection, blast and impact engineering and structural monitoring.

Research grants

  • Prof. Hong Hao is collaborating with Dr Tuan Ngo at University of Melbourne, Prof. Jose L Torero at University of Queensland, Prof. Jay G Sanjayan at Swinburne University of Technology and other researchers on an ARC linkage project “An Innovative Prefabricated Lightweight Geopolymer Composite Panels for Building Applications”, 2014-2017.
  • Centre of Infrastructural Monitoring and Protection at Curtin joined a consortium of five universities in Australia (i.e. Curtin University, Newcastle University, University of New South Wales, Swinburne University of Technology, and James Cook University) for the $3.5 million CSIRO Flagship Cluster Fund project “Climate Adaptation Engineering for Extreme Events (CAEx)”. The CAEx Cluster is investigating the impact of climate change on damage and safety risks to infrastructure, and assessing the cost-effectiveness of engineering adaptation strategies. Prof. Hong Hao is leading the project, “Response and Vulnerability Modelling of Structural Facades and Partition Walls to Resist Cyclone Born Debris Impact”, 2013-2015, and Dr. Wensu Chen, Mr. Shuyang Chen and Mr. Qingfei Meng are involved.
  • Prof. Hong Hao is collaborating with Madhat Abdel-Jawad (Managing Director, GexCon Australia, Indonesia and Middle East) on an ARC Linkage Project, “Development of Fuel Storage Tank with Frangible Roof to Resist Accidental Explosion Load”, 2013-2015.
  • Prof. Hong Hao is collaborating with Dr. Ying Wang at Deakin University on an ARC Discovery Project on “Development of Steel Fibre Reinforce Concrete (SFRC) Material with Spiral-Shaped Fibres”, 2013-2015. Dr. Yifei Hao is also involved to work with Dr. Ying Wang on “Statistical Derivation of Dynamic Material Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforce Concrete”.
  • Prof. Hong Hao has collaborated with Prof. Brian Uy at University of New South Wales, Dr. Chunwei Zhang and Prof. Kenny Kwok at University of Western Sydney, Dr. Alex Remennikov at University of Wollogong, Prof. David Thambiratnam, A/Prof. Chengqing Wu at University of Adelaide, Prof. Priyan Mendis at University of Melbourne, Prof. Mark Stewart at University of Newcastle and Prof. Guowei Ma at University of Western Australia on an ARC LIEF Grant, “National Facility for Physical Blast Simulation (NFPBS)”, 2013.
  • Prof. Hong Hao and Dr. Kaiming Bi have a joint project with A/Prof. Faris Albermani at University of Queensland on deep subsea pipeline development.
  • Prof. Hong Hao and Dr. Jun Li have built collaborations with Prof. James Brownjohn at University of Exeter on structural health monitoring through a research collaboration award.

Research collaborations

  • Dr. Yifei Hao is collaborating with Dr. Xin Huang at Tianjin University on “Mesoscale modelling of spiral steel fibre reinforced concrete”.
  • Dr. Yifei Hao is collaborating with Prof. Gang Chen from China Academy of Engineering Physics on “Tungsten Fibre Reinforced Bulk Metallic Glass at High Strain Rate and High Temperature” and “Pulse-shaping Technique in Split Hopkin Pressure Bar (SHPB) tests”.