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The centre plans to build the following high-quality and some of them innovative testing equipment. Some of them have already been commissioned, and others are expected to be available soon.

Four shaking table system

  • Structural dynamic testing for seismic performance and responses
  • Spatially varying ground motions
  • Size: 1 meter × 1 meter
  • Specimen Mass at maximum acceleration: 800 kg
  • Frequency of operation: 0.1~50 Hz Sinusoidal or Random waveforms
Four Shaking Table System

Two hydraulic actuators

  • Perform quasi-static loading tests
  • Capacity: 1000 kN
  • Stroke: ±250mm
  • Maximum speed: 350mm/min
Hydraulic Actuators

Photron high-speed camera

  • Capture high strain rate deformation and failure
  • Mega pixel resolution at 21,000 frames per second
  • 1280×1024 pixel resolution at 4,000 frames per second
Photron High-Speed Cameras

Split hopkinson pressure bar

  • High strain rate material testing
split hopkinson pressure bar

Impact machine

  • Impact testing for the resistance and failure behaviour of materials or components

Air cannon impact testing facility

  • Impact tests to simulate wind borne debris impact to structural components

Vibration measurement system

  • Vibration testing for structures
  • 16 channel
  • Accelerometers, laser displacement sensors, strain gauges
Vibration Measurement

APS long stroke shaker

APS shaker

BeanDevice Wireless measurement system

  • 8 tri-axial accelerometers
  • sampling rate up to 4k per second per channel
wireless measurement system

Loading Testing Machine